Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cheetah eyes

So the other day I was on and the pictures that came up on my news feed thingy caught my eye.... I saw that a girl had posted a cheetah eye look and I was instantly in loveeee<3 ... I contacted her (HallSexton) and asked her what she had used... There were two looks that I really loved and she said she used 88 original Coastalscents Palette for both of them.... So i decided to play around...The cheetah one was a very neutral look (besides the fact of it being cheetah printed) so I played around with a gold on the lid and a darker brown in the crease... then I took ELFS gel liner in black and started making half circle cheetah designsss.... heres how it came out:

I know it looks a little uneven but i think my head was tiltedddd (i swear it was even when I looked in the mirror :/ )

But yeaaaaa I had so much fun with thisssss.... The cheetah kind of gives it an effect that you have a darker crease color from far away... so this could totally be doable for a night out :D

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My on and off love obsession with MACs "woodwinked"

So I had first bought woodwinked a couple fo years ago per the suggection of my MAC makeup artist.  She suggested it for my eye coloring and skin color.  I never really used itthat much, then I saw it on Cutiegingerbreads YOUTUBE channel, but she also said itcould be a bit reddish... I went into my stash and tried it out , and I could definately tell what she meant.  I'm the kind of person that I need to make something right (even an e/s color), so I looked up online what colors went well with it, and one that stood out to me was MAC's "Bronze" and "Carbon".... for everyday though "carbon" can be a little to dramatic... but when I tried it with "bronze it is honestly amazingggg... "woodwinked" on the lid, "bronze" in crease and  blended welll... and itlooks amazingggggg....



Saturday, January 1, 2011

MAC Pigment in "Lithe"

oopsie i had a little spillage
This has been my current obsession lately.  This pigment came out with that fabulous feline collection.  Normally I was using this pigment strictly on my eyes all over the lid, that I found that it is a very beautiful lid color and it brightens up the eye area like nothing else. But the other day I wanted to try it as a hilight color on my cheekbones.  So I did this and was very surprised that it gave a natural and gorgeous sheen to my face. I love love love it the pigment is skin colored almost and extremely shimmeryyy... I love it and I am glad I have another use for it besides eyeshadow.  I am trying to figure out how to mix this into a nice nude sparklyy lipgloss <3

Thursday, December 30, 2010

MAC Cream Color Base - "Movie Star Red"

Stipple on your cheek
I was superrrr excited about this Cream color base and had to try it out ASAPPP!!!! I tried it as a lipstain and it is really nice.  But I also wanted to try it as a blush.  Since this is a very pigmented product I figured the best way to apply this would be with a duo fiber brush in a stippling motion.

Then you must blend it out - very well, with the same brush. You can also put a setting powder over it so it is daytime friendly.

Blended in and also applied to lips as a stain
Hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a Happy and Safe New Years once again
Nicole Marie

MAC stylishly yours and cham pale mini haul

MakeupbyNicole788 Haulage - click here to see my video

YAYYYYY!!!!!! I got a package todayyyy! My MAC stuff came.  I only ordered three things but one of those things in particular (cream color base) I have been excited for for weeks!!!

Cream color base in "Movie Star red"-  when I saw pictures of it online it was like nothing I have ever seen before and I loved it.  I do not own any cream color bases so this was my first one!  Maybe I hyped this product up too much in my head, but I thought it was going to be a truer red, and swatched on my hand it looks more pink :/ (still a beautiful color but not what I was expecting)

The second thing I got was an Eye Kohl in "I get no Kick" it is a pinkyy champagnyy silvery sparkly color... very beautiful.  Recently I have been obsessed with lining my upper and lower eyelashes with light colored liner and this will be perfect for me.  Its very beautiful and can also be used for an easy eyebrightening color in the inner corner of the eye.

w/o flash

w/ flash

The last thing I got was a chromagraphic pencil in NW25/NC30 - I heard this was a very good product for outlining lips if ou are wearing a bright or bold stated lip just to clean up the edges.  Also I heard that these products were good for lining the waterline. (I did not take a pic, because it is the same color as my skin )

Overall I am happy with the products that I got just because I know I will get a lot of use out of the pencils and the CCB is just gonna be a lot of fun to play around with!!!!

2010 Beauty Favorites

I can not believe a year has passed by so quickly  :(  ... When it came time for me to pick out some of my favorites throughout the year it was so difficult.  The thing with me is that I get stuck on a few certain products then the next month i won't touch those products again .  These products though stuck out to me the most and I have warmmm feelings about all of them!!!! So lets get it started!

1) Neutrogena SPF 100 sunblock - I have become a bit obsessed wih making sure that my face is protected from the sun.  This sunblock goes on my face ever single day before I wear my makeup, maybe SPF 100 is a bit extreme, but I really like this one and it is not for the face particularly it can be used all over but it has never broken me out or felt too heavy on my face.

2) MAC studio sculpt foundation - Back in Jan/Feb my face was feeling very dry and sensitive, and I was looking for a new foundation and I recieved a sample of this from my MAC store, the day that I wore it my face felt soooo smooth and it had like a calming effect on my irritated skin.  I bought my own and I wore it every day since then up until the summertime.  It has a coverage that can be light or full depending on what kind of brush and hand you use.  It is a great foundation!

3) MAC face and body foundation - The first time I used this foundation was on my sweet 16, and that was I think my first foundation EVER!  I used to use this foundation with a MAC 190 foundation brush, but more recently when I was using it i would just put some in my hands and rub it on my face, more of like a tinted moisturizer.   It is waterbased and perfect for the winter months when your face can feel a bit dry.  It looks so natural- which I love and a lot of people never know that I am wearing foundation when I am wearing this but it does even out my skin tone.  So when you need a light coverage this is perfect!

4) MAC MSF Natural - I love this because both of the foundations I mentioned previously can be set with this powder or it can be worn a lone, both cases make the foundation last and it looks very natural.

5) Nars Duo - Orgasm and Laguna- The colors are beautiful and look so natural.  It gives you a great glow (especially the bronzer) and just goes on so effortlessly.  Since it is a two in one combo and comes with a huge mirror, it is perfect for travel because you do not have to bring so many different things with you.

6) Laura Geller Blush-n-Brighten in Roseberry- When I first went into sephor I do not even remeber what I was looking for, but I know it was not blush.  Then when one of the employees were helping me she suggested I should try this blush, I really did not need any more blush but when she put it on my face I was INLOVE<3  It is such a pure natural pink and I have never come across anything like it.  I tried to find a MAC dupe that was not so expensivebecause this blush is $30 ( i think) and I could not find anything close to this.  This is also a mineralize blush so it will last me for everrrrr! I bought it summer of '09 and I have not even made a dent in it! Def worth the money and has been a favorite of mine since I bought it.

7) Rimmel London Blush in Pink Sorbet- I heard about this exact blush in a magazine and how it was good for people f my skin/hair color... I do not really have many rimmel products so I decided to give it a try.  For a natural flush to the cheeks it is perfect.  During the summer I had to work mon-fri and when I wanted a natural face, and I did not want people to know I was wearing makeup I would put this on.  Plus it is sooooo afforable! It was a great find!

8) Makeupforever HD powder- During the summer they opened up a new sephora in my mall and for the grand opening of it they were givign away gift cards for the first 100 people on line.  I recieved a $25 gift card and had no idea what to buy, so I decided to try this Makeupforever travel kit and this was the only part of it that I loved.  The consistency reminds me of flour and I use it under my eyes.  It smooths out my concealer and makes it so it does not crease!

9) Sephora Brush in 29 - Going along with under eye concealer I use this brush to lay down the MUF HD powder and the combo of this two gives a great effect... Also the brush is ridic soft :)

10) MAC 239 Brush- This is flat shader brush has been used for every single eye look that I do.  I bought it in January and have used it EVERYDAY since then.  This will contnue to be a favorite of mine.

11) BareMinerals ID Weather everything Liner sealer- This can be used mix with loose shadows/pigments/ even pressed eyeshadows or glitter and when applied to the eye it will stay on there all day!!!! Its waterproof and is a great addition to my makeup collection because it can make everything I have into a eyeliner!

12) NARS eyeshadow in "cairo"- This taupy color was something I was searching for all summer.  In my 88 warm palette I was mixing two colors together to get a great natural taupe color.  However those eyeshadows were running out quick and I needed to get a dupe for it quick! This eyeshadow was the closest thing I could find and it is great as all of the lid even by itself

13) Naked Palette- I honestly was very hesistant to buy this palette.  I have a ridiculous amount of eyeshadow (many of them neutral colored) and I really was not trying to buy more.  But I heard someone on youtube say that it was well worth the money because all of the e/s were full sized and it had a primer potion and double sided liner.  I only had one UD e/s before this and I loved it so I figured what the hell especially since for forty dollars you get all of this stuff.  Honestly this was the best product I bought all year.  The eyeshadow is so pigmented and beautiful, and I honestly believe any combo in the palette would look beautiful together.  I get so many compliments when I use this palette.

14) C.O. Bigelow Rosesalve- This "all-puspose salve" smells yummy and is soooo creamy.  I love it on my lips and cuticles, even if you get a lil bit dry on the face it can be used for that too!  At Bath and Body works I bought like 6 of them!

15) Sabon eye cream- My friend suggetsed this product to me during the summer.  She said it was really helpful for under eye circles (which I have plenty of).  I never tried this brand and decided to try it out.  I used it everyday twice a day and I personally could not see a difference but my guy friend just said to me the other day that I barely had darkness under my eye anymore (and I was not wearng ANY makeup) for a guy to say that and not even know I was using this cream really amazed me! So yea i will def be repurchasing this when I run out. 

16) MAC Viva Glam GAGA - ahhhh the infamous GAGA.  I was not going to buy this when it came out, I thought cyndi was a better match for my coloring.  But I went back to MAC and decided to buy it (my favorite things are things I am always hesitant to buy) This friggen color is sooooooooooooo beautiful when I first bought it i would reaaply it on my lips like every single second.  I love the way MAC lipstick smells and this was just a great color.  Since it is a lustre its not that dramatic but it is still beautiful.

17) MAC MSFs - "soft n gentle" & "petticoat" - Hilights are just amazing and sparkly and MACs are just amazing they give this heavenly glow to you face and I have loved this two this year!

18) MAC mineralize blush in " The soft meow" - I loved pairing this with "petticoat" and everytime I did I got so many compliments that my skin looked glowy and fresh.  That is honestly the best compliment everrrr so I would wear this all the time so that way people complimented me hahahaha

19) Jordana Fabuliner - This liners are fool proof - they are like pens and remind me a lot of the MAC liners, they are good for everyday use because they are not soo soo dark but still make the eyes look beautiful.

20) PONDS cold cream (blue top) - Last winter my skin was getting really dry- especially around the mouth.  This mositurizer helped me get rid of that problem and I use it on the rest of my face too to keep it moisturized and healthy.  Plus you get soooo much prduct for a very cheap price!

21) MAC paintpot in "rubenesque"-  this champagny peachy color is gorgeous even if you do not put anything over it.  I used it as a primer though for a lot of my neutral eye looks.  I also started using it as a cheek highlight for a beautiful glow to my skin.  It is one of my favorite paint pots.

22) Nivea - Kiss of products - they are sooooo smooth and compact, it feels like butter on the lips! I have gone through a ton of these this year!

23) My final favorite of 2010 - is MAC e/s in "woodwinked" - I had a love hate relationship with this eyeshadow but in the end LOVE always wins!  I thought this e/s kinda came off reddish when applied above the crease but i realized that this color is AMAZING!!!!and it lived onm y eyelids everyday in April and May.... It is beautiful !!!

Hope you enjoyed loves<3 Have a great New Year!!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

My New Obsession: Maybelline colorsensational lipstick

I love love love this lipstick... I had bought two of these last year and I was not really a fan, but then on christmas day I picked out the shade "bit of berry" at Rite Aid and I am absolutely in loveeeee.... This lipsticks are so pigmented and even though I got mine on sale the price is less than half the price than a MAC lipstick and you get more product.  ALthough you can not test them out because it is a drugstore product, if you come across the right color it is a FANTASTIC deal.... I love love love this lipstck and will be repurchasing, and finding more colors!!!