Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cheetah eyes

So the other day I was on and the pictures that came up on my news feed thingy caught my eye.... I saw that a girl had posted a cheetah eye look and I was instantly in loveeee<3 ... I contacted her (HallSexton) and asked her what she had used... There were two looks that I really loved and she said she used 88 original Coastalscents Palette for both of them.... So i decided to play around...The cheetah one was a very neutral look (besides the fact of it being cheetah printed) so I played around with a gold on the lid and a darker brown in the crease... then I took ELFS gel liner in black and started making half circle cheetah designsss.... heres how it came out:

I know it looks a little uneven but i think my head was tiltedddd (i swear it was even when I looked in the mirror :/ )

But yeaaaaa I had so much fun with thisssss.... The cheetah kind of gives it an effect that you have a darker crease color from far away... so this could totally be doable for a night out :D

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My on and off love obsession with MACs "woodwinked"

So I had first bought woodwinked a couple fo years ago per the suggection of my MAC makeup artist.  She suggested it for my eye coloring and skin color.  I never really used itthat much, then I saw it on Cutiegingerbreads YOUTUBE channel, but she also said itcould be a bit reddish... I went into my stash and tried it out , and I could definately tell what she meant.  I'm the kind of person that I need to make something right (even an e/s color), so I looked up online what colors went well with it, and one that stood out to me was MAC's "Bronze" and "Carbon".... for everyday though "carbon" can be a little to dramatic... but when I tried it with "bronze it is honestly amazingggg... "woodwinked" on the lid, "bronze" in crease and  blended welll... and itlooks amazingggggg....



Saturday, January 1, 2011

MAC Pigment in "Lithe"

oopsie i had a little spillage
This has been my current obsession lately.  This pigment came out with that fabulous feline collection.  Normally I was using this pigment strictly on my eyes all over the lid, that I found that it is a very beautiful lid color and it brightens up the eye area like nothing else. But the other day I wanted to try it as a hilight color on my cheekbones.  So I did this and was very surprised that it gave a natural and gorgeous sheen to my face. I love love love it the pigment is skin colored almost and extremely shimmeryyy... I love it and I am glad I have another use for it besides eyeshadow.  I am trying to figure out how to mix this into a nice nude sparklyy lipgloss <3