Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 2010 makeup favorites

Hey my lovesss, here are some of my December favorites... let me introduce them to you!
1) Secret Wonderland triple moisture body lotion - heaven heaven heaven - smells like candy and makes your body silky smooth in these cold dry monthssssss
2) Revlon age defying precise wrinkle eraser eye cream- I have been trying to do a 20 pan thing-a-ma bob and this is a very creamy product for under the eye, i bought it a while back because it was 75 percent off and it has been very moisturizing for under the eye.
3) I am going to group these next two together- my foundation - two LOREAL powder foundations :1.Bare natural and 2.Trumatch powder.... neither one is my exact match but when mixed together they are perfection.. i love them... especially since i hit pan on the trumatch !!!! 4) Jordana fabuliner in black and brown - if you know how to write with a pen you know how to use these.. they are perfect for everyday and they are so easyyyyyy!!! i love them and they are only 3 bucks eachhhhh! 5) Stila eye kajal in topaz - I bought this last year to brighten up the waterline and never used it... then when i started that 20 pan thing i decided there was no better time to use it then nowwww, and i love it, i have been using it everyday and its been very helpful on those days that I have not been able to sleep enough :) 6) Boots deeply moisturising lipcare- i started using it again because of 20 pan and i use it every single day... i didnt like it to begin with but it is extremely moisturizing. You are supposed to use it once in the morning and once at night, but i have been using it as a regular lipbalm and it has worked out quite nicely.  7) I am grouping this two together also- Maybelline clear brow gel and maybelline define a brow in medium brown... I have never been one to fill in my eyebrows, so i wanted to go about it slowllyyyyy... and these two paired together are fan-tab-ulous!!!! I do short strokes of my brows, comb that out and then go over it with the brow gel and I get amazing results! 8) MAC blush in Highland honey- I recieved this as a gift in the beginning of december, it came out with one fo the MAC collections, and I have been wearing it everyday since. I am normally not one for peachy orange colors, but this is beauty ... it is so natural looking and gorgeous<3 9) Sephora Kabuki brush- I hate hate hate Kabukis that shed... especially the black haired ones, I wanted to try the MAC kabuki butwas hesistant because of the black hairs and the price$$$.  So when I had a $15 dollar off coupon I decided to try the sephora one out, and I am in love... I am sooooo happy I did not waste my money on the MAC kabuki because this one was half the price (i think) and SOOOO SOOOO SOOO soft ... I love to put my foundation on in the morning because of this brush !!!! 10) Last but not least- my bobbi brown corrector- I heard about this corrector on a YOUTUBE video and decided to give it a try, especially since I had never tried any bobbi brown products... I put this product underneath my under eye concealer and it brightens my eyes like NOTHING else I have ever tried... This is staying clode by my side even when december is over :) ... Thanks for reading and I hope You all had a WONDERFUL December!!!!! Happy New Years

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